Plastic Surgery Costs

Plastic surgery costs can vary widely from surgeon to surgeon, due to a number of factors. Doctors adjust plastic surgery costs based on expertise and experience, as well as the length and complexity of the procedure. Plastic surgery costs should be fully disclosed and agreed to up front, prior to any surgical procedure. Any plastic surgery costs added to the bill after the procedure should be reviewed with the patient.

Some advertised Plastic surgery costs may appear lower because they reflect only the cost of the procedure, while other plastic surgery costs include the anesthesia, the pre- and post-operative exams, and even corrective surgery. Obviously, the plastic surgery cost can add up quickly with all of these factors, so it is important to inquire if a plastic surgery cost seems much lower or higher than average. Many times the advertised plastic surgery cost does not include the additional costs of a surgical facility, or there may be other associated hospital fees which are not shown below. We always do our best to make you aware of every expense involved in your surgery before you commit.

Plastic surgery costs are usually not covered by regular medical insurance, but a number of ways to pay plastic surgery costs exist. Jeffords Plastic Surgery will work with you to determine the best way for you to cover your plastic surgery costs, including financing loans, or paying on an installment plan.

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