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Vi Peel | Skin Chemical Peel | Jeffords Plastic SurgeryThe VI Peel is a chemical peel from the Vitality Institute. It is a blend of chemicals that improves the skin texture and tone for all skin types. At Jeffords Plastic Surgery, we frequently perform the VI Peel for Atlanta patients.

Benefits of the VI Peel

The VI Peel treatment addresses signs of aging in order to improve the smoothness of the skin of the face, resulting in a rejuvenated appearance. There is also a reduction in the appearance of age spots, freckles, oversized pores, and hyperpigmented areas.

If you have acne, this treatment can diminish your breakouts and help clear the skin. Long term, you can have firmer skin with improved tone. Tighter skin means lessened visibility of fine lines and more youthful-looking skin.

Other skin treatments may carry the risk of permanent skin discoloration and are not suitable for patients of color. The VI Peel does not carry this risk and is a very safe choice for patients of color.

This is a non-surgical treatment, meaning there are no scalpels, needles, or incisions required. If you are interested in skin rejuvenation without going under the knife, this is an excellent treatment option.

How Does the VI Peel Work?

The VI Peel is composed of a combination of minerals, vitamin C, retinoic acid, salicylic acid, trichloroacetic acid (TCA), and phenol. Once this chemical solution is placed on the skin, it permeates through layers of dead and damaged skin cells, encouraging a sloughing process. The dead skin layers peel away gradually, revealing fresh new skin layers that do not have any aesthetic issues.

The Treatment Process

This chemical peel requires no preparation with lotions or bleaching creams. First, the skin of the target area is cleansed of any makeup or other products. The VI Peel will then be applied, which only takes a few minutes. After this, it is left to penetrate through the skin layers. While tingling is felt during this, it is not a painful treatment.


After five hours have passed, the peel should be cleansed from the skin. The skin will become red in color and exfoliate (or peel) within a few days.

During the healing process, make sure to apply proper sunscreen frequently, since the new skin cells that are revealed will be particularly vulnerable to sun damage for a time.

Typically, a series of three to six treatment sessions is recommended in order to achieve the best results. Maintenance treatments are recommended to preserve results.

VI Peel Cost

Many factors go into determining the price of this treatment. VI Peel cost depends on where the patient goes for treatment and their exact aesthetic needs and goals. Financing may be available through CareCredit or Prosper Healthcare Lending.

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