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The Healing Powers of Light

Lights have been known for generations to possess healing properties.  People get depressed in Winter when light is not readily available.  We know that people feel better with warm sunlight.  Now, lights are now used to heal and repair skin and hair.

The NeoLTS Light Therapy System, from the makers of Neograft, is now available at Jeffords Plastic Surgery.

The system contains LED lights that are place a few inches from your skin.  The treatments are not painful and do not burn your skin.  You can have a treatment and go back to work without immediate changes in your appearance.

What can they do:

Acne, Rosacea, Anti-aging, Sun Damage, Post Surgery or Laser Pain Treatments, Scar Treatments, Anti-Inflammatory Treatments, Skin Firming… and many other skin conditions.

The NeoLTS Light Therapy System involves Red (630nm), Blue (420nm), and Infra Red (IR) treatments in single or multiple combinations.  These light wavelengths are researched and known to heal skin.  These light wavelengths are the basis of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser treatments.  Instead of a "pulsed" treatment, these lights are high intensity and placed near your skin to penetrate and heal your damaged skin. 

The lights or energy are used in single application or in combination based on what your individual skin need are:

  • Rosacea, Photorejuvenation, and Wound Healing:  Red (630nm)
  • Skin Tightening:  Infra Red
  • Acne:    Blue (420nm)/ Red (630nm)
  • Hair Health:  Red (630nm)/ Infra Red

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