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Laser facial resurfacing is a technique that removes the upper layers of the skin on your face using an erbium or CO2 laser. This can improve the look of your skin without having full cosmetic surgery. Read on to find out more about laser facial resurfacing in Atlanta.

The Benefits of Laser Facial Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is a very effective treatment for reducing mild scarring or the effects of sun damage, such as fine lines. For deeper wrinkles, parts of the dermis can also be removed.

Laser facial resurfacing can improve the appearance of your skin by:

  • Removing superficial wrinkles
  • Evening out skin pigmentation
  • Smoothing rough skin
  • Improving the look of shallow acne or chicken pox scars

Erbium and CO2 lasers are also used to treat skin lesions such as port wine stains and spider veins and to remove the color from tattoos.

For a good idea of how your results can look, view laser facial resurfacing before and after photos in our gallery

The Science Behind Laser Resurfacing

During this treatment, laser energy is used to heat the skin tissues. This removes the epidermal skin layer of dead and damaged skin, a process known as tissue ablation. It also heats the underlying skin tissues.

As the body works to heal these treatment regions, new skin layers form that are softer and less wrinkled or scarred. Additionally, the creation of collagen and elastin protein is stimulated, leading to smooth and healthy skin.

The Treatment Session

Treatment can take around a half hour up to two hours. Local anesthesia or general anesthesia will be administered depending on the extent of treatment. Anesthesia allows the patient to not feel any pain or discomfort during this laser procedure.

A handpiece is used to administer the laser energy. When the skin has been appropriately treated, the procedure is complete.

Aftercare Following the Treatment

Once your laser facial resurfacing treatment session is complete, you will need to diligently follow all post-treatment care instructions during recovery. This will ensure the best possible results.

Ointment must be applied to the treated areas. Ice packs can be used to treat any swelling, and it will be helpful to keep your head elevated. Temporary itchiness or stinging may be present. You will also notice peeling of the skin layers.

It will be important to regularly moisturize the skin of the treated areas, since it will be much drier for a time. Wearing proper sunscreen is also vital. Avoid swimming, since this could increase the risk of infection.

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How Much Does Laser Facial Resurfacing Cost?

The price of this treatment will vary based on where you get the procedure performed. For those who are worrying about laser facial resurfacing cost, financing may be available through Prosper Healthcare Lending or CareCredit.

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