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Acne is a complex problem

At Jeffords Plastic Surgery, we treat the skin using antibiotics as a last resort. Acne is a multifaceted problem. It is an inflammatory condition in which pores become closed. Infllammation is caused by so many different reasons. In adolescence, inflammation can be caused by hormonal surges, food allergies, and hygiene issues. In adults, hormones, make up, dermatitis, and rosacea are the generals reasons. All of these issues causes pores to become blocked with oil and sweat being trapped inside the pore.

The first step is to gain control of the inflammation and pores and to promote a healing process. The second is restore the skin surface by resurfacing scars and skin smoothing.

Healing the Acne, Step One:

There are many ways to reduce inflammation. First, the skin needs to be cleaned. We offer specific cleansers and hypoallergenic lotions to help the skin. Microdermabrasion and Hydrafacial treatments can mechanically unclog pores. Inflammation can be reduced with our NeoLTS light therapy and IPL pulsed light treatments.

Smoothing the scars, Step Two:

If scars are present, there are many treatments to reduce the effects of long term acne damage to the skin's surface. PRP injections can help repair the damage to the skin. The skin can be resurfaced with Erbium or CO2 Fractional treatments. (Lasers have replaced the old techniques of dermabrasion of the skin).

After laser resurfacing, new skin forms that's softer and less wrinkled or scarred. It is a very effective treatment for reducing mild scarring.

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