Treat Yourself to a Relaxing and Moisturizing HydraFacial

Published on November 1, 2019

For anyone wanting that coveted celebrity glow, there’s nothing better than a HydraFacial. The HydraFacial is a gentle facial treatment that exfoliates skin using water as the exfoliating agent.

Unlike a microdermabrasion treatment, which exfoliates using micro-crystals, a HydraFacial is mild, making it suitable for sensitive skin. The antioxidants and peels used make the HydraFacial an effective anti-aging treatment.

Why Choose a HydraFacial?

If you have been hesitant to cleanse your acne-affected skin using conventional facial treatment procedures, HydraFacial’s mild and non-invasive technology could be the answer for you. It promises improvement in skin health with minimal disturbance to your skin.

HydraFacials are performed in three steps using a patented machine. The procedure involves cleaning the skin, exfoliating dead skin cells, and infusing the skin with peptides, antioxidants, and hydrating agents.

What Happens During the HydraFacial Procedure?

During a HydraFacial, an aqueous solution washes over the skin in order to remove the superficial layer of dead cells. Using the suction mechanism of the spiral-tipped device, the dead cells and debris are removed. A customized serum based on the skin type is also applied. This treatment leaves the skin feeling plump and hydrated.

The suction effect boosts blood circulation and improves lymphatic drainage. The physical movement of the vacuum tip and the chemicals work to give your skin gentle yet effective exfoliation.

The Serums of a HydraFacial and How They Help

The serums are enriched with nourishing ingredients that rejuvenates your skin. Magnesium, zinc, copper, green tea extracts, and horse chestnut seed are some of the enriching ingredients infused into the skin. Hyaluronic acid is also applied to make the skin hydrated and plump. The skin is soothed and brightened using natural extracts.

Am I an Eligible Candidate?

This is an ideal treatment to get if you are a busy professional wanting to bring life to your dull skin without much hassle. People of all skin types can come in for this treatment, which involves no downtime. The treatment is painless and is given in sessions ranging from thirty to ninety minutes.

It is recommended that you get your HydraFacial treatment done by Dr. Jeffords, because he will examine your skin and suggest the right ingredients to be administered for better results. Depending upon your skin type, other enriching ingredients such as vitamin C, sunscreen, and corrective solution can be incorporated into the serums. These work to diminish black spots and pigmentation.

The procedure can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture and elasticity, and clean congested pores. The results are immediate, and you can notice a fresh radiance in your skin. Your skin will feel smoother, softer, and more hydrated. Skin puffiness is lessened due to lymphatic drainage.

Contact Us for HydraFacials

The HydraFacial is the perfect solution for anyone looking to boost their skin appearance quickly and conveniently. If you’d like to know more about HydraFacials, schedule an appointment for a consultation with highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Keith Jeffords. With the help of Dr. Jeffords, you’ll be well on your way to glowing skin.

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