The Key to Excellent Results from a Facelift Procedure

Published on February 17, 2017

A facelift procedure demands incredible skill and knowledge in order to achieve proper results. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr Keith Jeffords is renowned for his expertise in the facelift procedure, because he focuses on restoring the appearance of the face and enhancing the patient’s natural beauty.

Dr Jeffords believes that the key to achieving excellent results from a facelift is to refresh, not alter. The goal is to restore and rejuvenate the natural features of your face to help reverse the signs of aging that have diminished your beauty. Making changes to your natural features significantly alters your entire appearance and can lead to unsatisfactory results.

Contact us to schedule a consultation for your facelift. Dr. Jeffords will formulate a highly personalized plan for your facelift to ensure the quality of your results.

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