Surgery Side Hustle

Published on February 21, 2020
Dr. Jeffords

Keith Jeffords, MD was [interviewed by CBS46 Atlanta on a segment] entitled “Surgery Side Hustle” on February 11, 2020.  Dr. Jeffords was approached for assistance in this story.   The segment was directed in educating an “unsuspecting’ public in using judgement in selecting a surgeon for elective Plastic Surgery.   In Georgia, there have been many publicized deaths from elective plastic surgery performed by an assortment of medical specialists untrained to perform cosmetic surgery.  The goal of this news segment was to make the public aware and give them guidance in investigating the credentials of these doctors.  Dr. Jeffords said “there is a problem in the USA with physicians performing surgeries on patients with residency training for those procedures”.   In Georgia, there are Ob-Gyns performing facelifts, ENTs performing breast surgeries, and Family Practice doctors performing liposuction.  It’s a real problem of doctors practicing “outside the boundaries of their specialty” for the purpose of monetary gains.

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