Paramount Plastic Surgery hosts an Emvera Laser Open House

Published on November 8, 2012

Paramount Plastic Surgery is proud to announce that we are a training facility for Emvera Technologies Lasers.  On November 8, 2012, we hosted an open house.  The office was filled with friends that viewed 4 live demonstrations of patients receiving C02 Fractional Laser treatments for their faces.

C02 Fractional Laser treatments are the ideal treatment for patients with age spots, melasma, rosacea, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, surgical scars, and general anti aging skin tightening.  The rreatments are performed in the office.  Anesthetic cream is applied to the skin.  Then the procedure is performed with chilled air blowing on the skin.  The procedure itself takes about 10 minutes to perform.

Dr. Jeffords serves as a medical advisor and lecturer for Emvera.  Richard Davis is a trainer and consultant for Emvera.


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