Neograft Regional Workshop hosted by Paramount Plastic Surgery

Published on November 6, 2013

A  Neograft Regional Workshop was hosted by Paramount Plastic Surgery on Saturday, November 2, 2013.  A live demonstration of this hair restoration technique was performed for the attending surgeons.  This workshop hosted physicians from St. Louis to Miami to Rochester, NY.  During breaks, the doctors received lectures from Keith Jeffords, MD.  Dr. Jeffords is a regional trainer for Neograft.

Neograft was represented by 5 national officers present at Paramount Plastic Surgery, thus showing the Neograft's company's commitment to excellent training for their surgeons.  The day including breakfast and lunch.  Surgeons saw this technology and received personal one-on-one education.  Questions were answered from topics as diverse as surgical technique to consultations.

The live demonstration was unique.  One of Dr. Jeffords' patients was able to communicate with the physicians.  This patient had 3 previous hair restorations (2 strip methods and 1 Neograft).  She was able to answer questions about the differences of both techniques from a patient's perspective.  Only a patient receiving both a strip scar vs. a no scar technique can elaborate the differences from the procedure to the post operative healing. 

Neograft is the revolutionary technique for hair restoration.  It has no linear scalp scar and is virtually a painless procedure.  Dr. Jeffords states "this will be the requested method of hair transplantation of the future once patients realize this is an option".  "No one wants a scar on their head if they don't have to have one."

Dr. Jeffords was the first doctor in Atlanta and North Georgia to offer Neograft.  He has performed hair restorations for over a decade.  He now exclusively offers the Neograft method of hair transplants.  Dr. Jeffords has written and lectured on hair restoration.  He was one of 3 teachers at the 2012 International Congress of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine teaching hair restoration.


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