It’s Never Fun to Look in the Mirror and See a Sagging Neck

Published on June 14, 2019

As we grow older, many of our features will begin to change, causing us to look older. One of the changes you’ll experience is the formation of horizontal creases and vertical banding that starts to appear on our necks. In many cases, the accumulation of excess fat in that area is also more problematic as you get older as well.

Fortunately, thanks to cosmetic surgery, you can say goodbye to these problems. A plastic surgery procedure called platysmaplasty or a ‘neck lift’ can rectify these unwanted signs of aging and bring back your youthful good looks.

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a surgical procedure designed to help get rid of sagging, loose skin and wrinkles from the neck. During the procedure, your doctor will make incisions to remove the unwanted tissue and tighten the underlying muscle structures that hold everything in place. The remaining skin will be lifted and closed around the new contours of the neck. The result is a smoother, more youthful neck and a stronger jawline.

In many cases, the neck lift is performed in conjunction with a facelift for more dramatic results.

Good Neck Lift Candidates

You might be asking yourself, “Am I a good candidate for a neck lift?” Well, the best neck lift candidates are those who are in good general health, without any underlying conditions or allergies that could affect the procedure. If you’re a smoker or drink regularly, you should be prepared to stop a few weeks before and after the surgery.

Otherwise, if you’re suffering from sagging skin in your neck area that you want to get rid of, then the neck lift is the perfect solution for you.

Pre-Surgery Points to Note

Your doctor will perform a few lab tests to confirm you are in good health prior to the surgery. They might also need you to adjust, cease or start taking certain medications, if you are on any, a week or two prior to the surgery.

It is imperative you stay away from aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements within the two weeks leading up to the surgery. All of them can cause excess bleeding and increase the chance of complications occurring. Speak with your surgeon and let him/her know about all the medications you are presently taking.

Post-Operative Care

After undergoing an invasive surgery like the neck lift, you will have to take some time off work and some of your more strenuous activities for a couple of weeks. You may return to work within 5 to 10 days after the surgery, but make sure to ease yourself into any activity that may prove to be too strenuous like workouts and sports.

For the first couple of weeks post surgery, you must refrain from bending over, lifting heavy objects, or even turning your head sharply from side to side. You may also have to sleep with your head elevated for a few weeks. These guidelines are varied according to the patient’s health and the surgical technique used.

Your surgeon will provide you with post-surgery instructions that you should follow to ensure a fast and healthy recovery with the best results.

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