How Can I Choose the Right Breast-Implant Size?

Published on October 25, 2019

If you are tired of your small breasts and want bigger ones, breast augmentation is a great option. A question that every woman asks before undergoing a breast augmentation is “How can I choose the right breast-implant size?” There are several factors involved in choosing the ideal implant size.

The New Size Should Be Appropriate for the Patient’s Lifestyle

The first factor that you need to address when choosing the right breast-implant size is ensuring your new breasts will be suitable for your lifestyle. Are you athletic? Are you overweight? Do you want to have more children? You need to factor in all these things before you select your breast-implant size.

Avoid Back Pain – Don’t Go Too Big

Chronic back pain is a major problem that leads to a lot of suffering. There can be many reasons for back pain, one of which is the size of the breasts. A woman who has heavy breasts is quite susceptible to back pain, primarily upper-back pain.

The weight of the breasts can cause pressure on the chest, and when the bones and muscles do not support the weight of the breasts, it leads to pressure and severe pain. Shoulder and neck pain can also occur as a result of oversized breasts.

Because of this, it is best to avoid choosing breast implants that are too large for your frame. Picking more proportional implants is the ideal choice.

Gauge Your Skin Elasticity

Skin elasticity plays a major role in breast-implant size. As we age, our skin’s elasticity declines as a result of a number of factors, including sun exposure and loss of collagen and elastin protein. The skin needs to be elastic enough to effectively stretch to accommodate new breast implants. If your skin is not very elastic, a smaller implant may be a better choice.

Try Out Sizes

When you come into the office for a breast-augmentation consultation, sizers may be available to help you gauge your potential results. Sizers are bead-filled neoprene sacks that can be placed inside the bra. These create an approximation of the look and feeling of the new breast size. They are available in different volumes according to the patients’ needs and goals.

Your Breast-Augmentation Consultation

Because every patient has her own needs, the breast-augmentation procedure will be customized and tailored to meet those requirements. Your procedure will be customized during a consultation with Dr. Jeffords.

As part of this consultation, you will discuss your aesthetic goals and needs, and Dr. Jeffords will examine your breasts to determine the best course of action. He will walk you through the details of the breast-augmentation procedure, including preparation and post-surgical care directions.

He will also ask you about your complete medical history, including your allergies and any medications or supplements you are taking. If you have a history of breast cancer, discuss this with Dr. Jeffords.

Contact Us to Learn More About Picking Out Your Breast Size

If you’d like to know more about breast augmentation, schedule an appointment for a consultation with highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Keith Jeffords. With the help of Dr. Jeffords, you’ll be well on your way to the larger breasts you’ve been wanting.

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