Dr. Jeffords appears on WSB TV Action News

Published on July 17, 2012

Dr, Keith Jeffords appeared on WSB TV Action News 7/17/2012.  During office hours on Monday, 7/16/2012, a man appeared on the lawn at Dr. Jeffords' office bleeding profusely and covered wih blood.  Filberto Huaracha had sustained an injury while landscaping.  Covered in blood, his employees drove him to Paramount Plastic Surgery, the nearest doctor's office..  The employees and patients of Paramount Plastic Surgery had moments of excitement, as Mr. Huracha's massive right arm injuries were controlled in the lawn of the office.  A tourniquet was applied.  He was then taken into the office and paramedics arrived.

Mr. Huaracha was stabilized and transported to Grady Hospital.  He is expected to have a full recovery.  Reporter Diana Davis presented this good will story as a part of the evening news segments.  The patient as well as Dr. Jeffords was interviewed. 


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