Are You In Need Of Comprehensive Eyelid Rejuvenation?

Published on June 15, 2018

Are you in need of comprehensive eyelid rejuvenation? If your upper and lower eyelids are ruining the beauty of your eyes and robbing your face of its youthful appearance, we can provide you with the professional aesthetic care you need.

The one thing you should know about eyelid surgery is that you don’t have to get your upper-eyelid and lower-eyelid surgeries performed on different days. It is very common to perform both procedures at once. The recovery time for this combined procedure will be a bit more of a challenge, but a lot of patients prefer it over having to go through two separate recoveries.

Contact Paramount Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation for your eyelid surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Keith Jeffords can provide you with a personalized surgical plan.

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