Anal Hair Removal

Published on March 15, 2017

Laser removal is often performed in the USA.  However, an anatomic area that is seldom performed is around the anus and perineum.  This is an area of unwanted hair in both men and women. 

Hair in this area contributes to perspiration and odors.  It is a difficult area to keep clean.  It is also an area which is susceptible to infections if a person routinely shaves this area.  From stools to sexual contact, this area is susceptible.  Small cuts can be portals of entry for bacteria and viruses. 

Laser hair removal around the anus can improve hygiene while reducing the potential of infections.  It is also an aesthetic procedure.  It requires multiple sessions as in other regions of the body.  This procedure is not painful.  In our office, this procedure is performed for women by a woman.  For men, it is performed by a man.  This is to make you more comfortable.

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