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Neograft results

NeoGraft is the revolutionary automated hair transplant technique for individual hair unit grafting.  This technique is a scar-less technique.  No scalpels are used.  There is a quick return to work since no incisions are made.  Jeffords Plastic Surgery uses the NeoGraft hair transplant in Atlanta for scalp hair loss, on scars, and in eyebrows.

NEOGRAFT- No Scars, No Scalpel Incision, No Sutures, Fastest Recovery Time of any method

“I believe in this technology.  I have had a Neograft procedure.   I had only local anesthesia for the procedure.  I took no pain medications after the procedure.  It is amazing.  Keith Jeffords, MD”

Dr. Jeffords was the first provider of NeoGraft in metro Atlanta, Georgia.  Leveraging his decade of experience in hair transplantations for a major transplantation company, Dr. Jeffords has experiences with all techniques of hair transplantation.  “Neograft is an incredible technology that will change the way hair transplants are performed in the future”, Dr. Jeffords states.  Dr. Jeffords has performed strip hair transplants and manuel FUE grafting.  Since exposure to NeoGraft, he has limited his hair transplantation to only NeoGraft.  “This is the best surgical technique for hair transplantation available in the United States”, according to Dr. Jeffords.

Hair loss is a problem for both men and women.  Male pattern baldness is primarily a hormonally driven, genetically programmed loss of scalp hair.  Women can lose hair from traction of hair clamps, hair parting, vitamin deficiencies, hair products, androgen hormone imbalance, and/or metabolic diseases such has thyroid deficiencies.  Hair transplantation can be a solution for both men and women.

Old Techniques (Strip Method vs. Manual FUE) vs New Technology (NeoGraft)

NeoGraft is a follulicular unit extraction (FUE)  method.  This is a technique that individual hair units are removed with very small instruments.  Neograft is a touch-less method.  This means human hands and individual instruments are not used to remove or pull the hair units from the donor scalp.  This is a revolutionary way to extract donor hair from the scalp and other body areas.

After removal of hair units, these are implanted into small sites made in the hairless areas.  Again, these hair units are placed by the Neograft handpiece without mechanical manipulation with human hands.  This means a great graft take and great results for each patient.

Dr. Jeffords uses PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections in your scalp to enhance graft revascularization.  This means better graft growth.  We also have LTS Lights after your transplant to diminish inflammation and cause better graft growth.

Cutting-Edge Technology.  NeoGraft.  PRP Injections.  LTS Lights.

There is very little discomfort after this procedure since there are no incisions or sutures.  It is performed in the office under local anesthesia.  Depending on the number of grafts taken, return to work is very quick.  In small sessions, return to work can be the next day.

How Much Does NeoGraft Cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all hair transplant, and because of this, the exact price of NeoGraft hair restoration varies from case to case.  NeoGraft cost depends on factors like the number of follicular units transplanted and the overall time required to perform the transplant.

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