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A chin enhancement in Atlanta can be performed in many ways. If the teeth are in alignment, the chin can be enhanced by either an implant or an advancement (genioplasty, also called mentoplasty). Our surgeons prefer the genioplasty technique.

The procedure of genioplasty balances the facial profile by extending the chin in relationship to the nose. A genioplasty moves the patient’s own bone to create a stronger chin appearance.

Genioplasty is a type of jaw augmentation that is superior to chin implants because of the post-operative stability of the surgery. Chin implants can shift position in the healing period, but genioplasty results are stable and don’t change position.

Am I a Good Candidate for Genioplasty?

Ideal candidates for chin enhancement are those who have a weak or underprojected chin that is not in proportion to the other facial features. Good candidates have proper occlusion, meaning their upper and lower teeth are in good alignment and meet naturally.

The best candidates for chin augmentation have a good concept of their potential results. Unrealistic expectations can lead to frustration after the healing process is complete. To ensure proper expectations, patients should look over chin enhancement before and after photos.

The Chin Augmentation Process

Before chin augmentation surgery can take place, the patient must meet with Dr. Jeffords for a consultation. During this consultation, the patient will share their aesthetic goals and discuss their complete medical history. Dr. Jeffords will perform an examination and create a surgical plan.

At the start of a genioplasty procedure, general anesthesia is administered in order to ensure patient comfort for the duration of the surgery.

An incision is then created inside the lower lip. The tissues are separated and then a incision is made in the bone of the chin. The bone is slid forward and carefully affixed in place. The tissues are moved back in place, and then the incision is closed with absorbable sutures that will not need to be taken out.

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The Mentoplasty Recovery Process

To ensure proper healing after chin augmentation, it is important that you closely follow the post-surgical care directions of Dr. Jeffords.

For around three days, genioplasty patients must eat only soft foods or stick to a liquid diet. Because the incision is in an area where food is present, infection is a concern. To avoid this, make sure to rinse with water or an oral antiseptic after you eat.

Bruising and swelling will be present in the region but will subside in time. After a week to ten days of downtime and recovery, patients can go back to work if cleared to do so. They must avoid physically taxing activities like heavy exercise and sports for four to six weeks.

Chin Enhancement Cost

The genioplasty procedure varies in execution, and because of this, its price varies accordingly. Patients who are concerned about chin enhancement cost should consider financing through CareCredit and Prosper Healthcare Lending.

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