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If you’re considering a breast augmentation using breast implants in Atlanta, you may benefit from a visit to [client_practice]. Breast augmentation – technically known as augmentation mammoplasty – is a surgical procedure to enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breasts.

If You’re Considering a Breast Augmentation

This procedure and can be performed for many reasons. Here are just a few reasons why women have chosen to have breast augmentation surgery with our surgeons:

  • When you feel that your breast size is too small
  • To correct a reduction in breast volume after pregnancy
  • To create a balance between two differently sized breasts
  • As a reconstructive technique following breast surgery
My wife had breast implants botched a few times at different clinics. it got to the point where we were regretting ever considering implants. we finally decided to try paramount after reading all of the success stories and my god are we glad we did. not only did dr Jefferds fix all of the mess that other doctors had left behind, but he also knows how to sit down with you and come up with a realistic plan.

Ideal Candidates

Breast augmentations are very common surgical procedures for women. Ideal candidates are in good overall health and are non-smokers.

The best candidates for breast enhancement are women who are looking for improvement, not perfection, in the way they look. If you’re physically healthy and realistic in your expectations, you may be a good candidate. For a better idea of your potential results, view our breast augmentation before and after photos.

Before & After Patient Photos

Breast Augmentation Before & After Results
Breast Augmentation Before & After Results

Please click here to view more Before & After photos

Silicone vs. Saline Breast Implants

Silicone implants are safe. They feel more natural, especially in smaller breasts.  They also weigh less (which is good for your back and posture). Both types of implants create a beautiful result.

One popular type of implant is the gummy bear breast implant. Gummy bear implants are form-stable silicone-gel implants that are filled with a thicker type of silicone gel.

Because of their form-stable nature, when a gummy bear implant is ruptured, there is no leak and the gel stays inside the implant’s shell. This allows the breast to retain its shape after a rupture, reduces the chance of complications, and makes implant replacement easier.

Which Breast Implant Size Should I Choose?

Many patients can benefit from small breast implants, while others prefer large breast implants. In the end, the implants that best suit the patient’s frame are typically the best breast implants for them.

During the consultation, measurements will be taken of your breasts. Implants are made for many functions. Implants enlarge. Implants balance. Implants lift. Implants reshape breasts. Our surgeons will recommend the proper size to achieve your individual needs.

Additionally, breast implants come in various shapes, textures, and profiles. Smooth and textured implants are both available, as are round and teardrop-shaped implants and low, moderate, and high profile breast implants.

Which Incision Should I Choose for My Breast Enlargement?

There are several options for incisions when it comes to breast augmentation:

  • Inframammary – Incision in the lower fold of the breast
  • Transaxillary – Incision in the armpit
  • Periareolar – Incision around the areola

Most women in the United States opt for an inframammary incision (in the lower fold of the breast). Our surgeons will discuss each incision during the consultation and let you decide which incision is appropriate for you.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast enlargement is an outpatient procedure. Our surgeons uses a short general anesthetic for comfort reasons. Our surgeons use Mentor and Allergan implants.

After the anesthesia takes effect, the chosen incisions are made and then pockets are made in the tissues. Through the incisions, the implants are snugly placed inside the pockets and positioned correctly. Finally, the incisions are closed using stitches.

Recovery and Downtime

During your recovery process after getting breast implants, downtime will be necessary for the sake of proper healing. Make sure to follow the post-surgical care directions of Dr. Jeffords as closely as possible in order to ensure a shorter and more comfortable recovery.

You will need to wear a supportive surgical bra without underwire while your breasts heal. You will also need to take some time off from work to rest and recover. Avoid physically strenuous activities like heavy exercise for several weeks.

How Much Do Breast Implants Cost?

Implants vary in price and affect the overall cost of the breast augmentation procedure. Financing for breast augmentation is available through CareCredit or Prosper Healthcare Lending.

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